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Our Brands

We deal in almost all the available sizes and types of rollups!

To print the graphic, it is very important to have a good quality ink. The colours must match the artwork and the output must be as desired.

Not only this, ink is also responsible for a longer impact of any graphic. In the surrounding environment/conditions, an inferior quality ink will fade in colour and the graphic will start looking ugly.

Our inks are tested in extreme and can handle the tough situations. They are good for almost every use what you can think of in large format printing world.

Available for different machines in standard shades. We have got the stock that you require frequently so there is no need to wait.

Colours give life to everything. Without colours, life would have been dull. When printing any graphic, they must also bring some life with them. And that is what our products do.

Our inks don’t fade and can stand the toughest conditions you can expect. Our products follow highest industry standards and meet the expectations of the end user.