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Backlit PVC

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Backlit PVC material is explained below

Wherever you know that the environment would be dark, it is mandatory to have your own lighting. When you have the flexibility to have a lightbox for this, then Backlit PVC is the right choice for you to print the graphic on.

It gives you the perfect finish you want and will affect the graphic very little when the light passes through. With a proper lighting in the lightbox and Backlit PVC, you can have a finish of almost a digital screen.

Please note that all the images are for reference only and are not owned by us. They are downloaded from internet just for reference. They are owned by their respective owners.

Features –

  • 510 gram, smooth, flat surface
  • Pure white, translucent face
  • Anti-wicking
  • Excellent printability, suitable with UV double-side printing
  • Flame retardant
  • UV and high temperature resistance

Application –

  • Banners
  • Backlit billboards or light box applications

Availability –

  • Rolls of 1370mm, 1600mm, 2500mm & 3200mm; 50m rolls
  • Sold in full rolls only

Either if it is a bus stop or a normal greenbelt, advertising requires own lighting system.

Lightboxes are used almost everywhere and are one of the most attractive advertising media.