Polycarbonate Sheets


These sheets are actively used in house building

Polycarbonate sheets are worth to buy and perform efficiently for years without much maintenance. They are of uniform thickness because the sheets are made from extruded sheets. Polycarbonate sheets are used in Commercial Complexes, Hospitals, Hotels, Institutions, etc.

They can also be used for Industrial Skylights as well as in light Glazing in many Industries. Landmark projects use PC sheets for Entrance Canopies, Window shading, Interior partitions and domes. Due to excellent fire retardancy property, polycarbonate sheets are used in roofing.

Since it is used in construction, so it is very important that it is break resistant. Keeping the use of these sheets into consideration, we can confidently say that these meet the expectation.

Along with being strong, it is also supposed to be clear. The composition of these sheets is such that it is always almost crystal clear.

Beautiful curved, stylish and hanging roofs that you see in modern architecture is mostly made of these sheets. They are strong and attractive.

Being strong is not the only thing we can expect from these. They are also durable and have long shelf life as well. Find out more about Polycarbonate Sheets by contacting us.