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Creative car Wraps

You’ve seen the VW Beetles, Hummers and transit buses driving around town with the local radio station, sports team or latest blockbuster plastered all over them. It’s a far cry from your humble business logo and phone number on the side of your delivery vans, isn’t it? Not anymore.

Small businesses are looking to non-traditional ways to squeeze the most out of their advertising dollar. “The old way of thinking is; ‘All I need to do is put our name and phone number on our car wrapping viyl and let the salespeople and brochures take care of the rest,’” says an eminent Wrapping specialist. “If a fleet is done right, the phone will ring.”

The medium is called vinyl wrapping. Fortune 500 companies use it on their fleets to reinforce existing brand images. As a small business owner, you probably don’t have the ad budget to merely support your logo. So when deciding whether to “go big” on your fleet vehicles, ask yourself if your idea has legs—will it get people talking after that initial impression is made? Figures for cost-per-impression vary widely, depending on type of route and number of miles your fleet travels.

According to a study, an ad-wrapped panel truck driving in metro traffic delivers about 30,000 impressions daily. That makes the marriage of a company car wrapping viyl and a clever idea an especially potent marketing tool. In effect, you’re extending traditional word-of-mouth advertising to your fleet.

Permanent Yet Removable

Companies have been promoting themselves on car wrapping viyl since horses were powering them. About 30 years ago vinyl graphics replaced paint as the preferred application. Simple decals and lettering made from cut vinyl are still the most prevalent type of vehicle graphic. Vinyl Suppliers have paved the way for full car wrapping viyl with the development of a vinyl adhesive that is printer-compatible and weatherproof.

The Three Components

There are three main components that compose a full car wrap: laminated, adhesive-backed vinyl applied everywhere but the windows, perforated vinyl to cover the windows and cut vinyl used for spot lettering and graphics. The perforated vinyl shows a seamless print on the outside, though from the inside it looks like window tint. Cut vinyl can add smaller elements onto the wrap design, such as a phone number, Website or sponsor. If those elements should change, the cut vinyl pieces can be removed easily so the whole car doesn’t need to be re-wrapped.

A Full Boat Wrap is when you cover the entire boat body with graphics. This is a sophisticated task handled by professional applicators and requires quality material as well.

Anything less than full body wrap can be considered as half body wrap. Sometimes it also includes vinyl cutouts installed on different areas of the car body.

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Good design on a car will make everyone on the road turn and look. Catching the attention of people is what is expected from a high-end design with premium material.

Car Wrappping

If applied properly a vehicle graphic can prove to be one of the best means of advertising. There is no limit to any vehicle that can or cannot be used as the advertising medium.