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Block-out PVC

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Below are the details of Block-out PVC

Block-out PVC are best when they are to be installed on uneven surface or the surface with any existing graphic.

Go through the details below to know more about it.

Features –

  • 510 gram, pure white, Semi-matt finish
  • Excellent printability on both sides
  • Block-out function
  • High strength
  • UV, high temperature and tear resistance
  • Acrylic coated to prevent pollution and slow the plasticizer migration process

Application –

  • Hanging Banners in Shopping malls
  • Banners and billboards

Availability –

  • Rolls of 1370mm, 1600mm, 2500mm & 3200mm; 50m rolls
  • Sold in full rolls only

Block-out PVC blocks the view of background completely so no need to worry on the fact that where you are installing.

Even if there is no surface behind and just the frame to hold it in place, it is OK as the background through will not be visible.